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Dr. Zvi Gabbay examines in a short video the topic of digital currencies and recent developments in blockchain regulation in Israel.
This has opened the door to an era of massive discovery of thousands different kinds of documents of between the parties (Word documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, emails, photos, and audio files), which was uncommon in the days of paper and binders.
Adv. Anat Even-Chen
In an attempt to assist businesses in addressing the privacy challenges they face, we prepared a short guide on the key principles of handling data.
Adv. Dreyfuss Ariella
Good Night 2019!
December 31, 2019 / by Ariella Dreyfuss
Check out some interesting developments in the Israeli high-tech sphere in 2019.
Barnea & Co. - blog post
When a company is looking to start operating on-line via a website or an app, it must ensure its relationship with its users is defined not only from a marketing point of view but also from a legal perspective. Watch the video to learn more.
Adv. Karin Kashi
In light of heightened privacy enforcement in Israel and around the world, companies entering into merger and acquisition transactions should include privacy aspects in their due diligence.
Adv. Anat Even-Chen
The payment market in Israel and around the world is marching toward revolution. Still, Israel lags far behind compared to the rest of the world, and the rate of adopting innovation in the field of payment services is very slow.
Adv. Zvi Gabbay Lawyer in israel - Barnea Jaffa Lande.
On June, two seemingly unrelated events took place: the SEC filed suit in federal court against the company Kik Interactive and Facebook announced the expected launch of a new digital currency – the Libra. What’s the connections ?
Adv. Sagi Gross
When reaching business decisions, nearly every manager must consider issues relating to restrictive trade practices. Click to read basic terms that every business should know about the antitrust law.
Adv. Zvi Gabbay Lawyer in israel - Barnea Jaffa Lande.
For Fintech companies looking or hoping to work in Israel, the regulatory developments could either serve as an opportunity or as a barrier, and should be carefully considered. Click to read  an overview of the Israeli Fintech regulatory situation.
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