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Adv. Asaf Shalev
New article by Advs. Asaf Shalev and Daniel Kleinman on founding an Israeli non-profit organization (of the type included in the “third sector”).
Adv. Dotan Baruch
The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is designed to help individuals better control their personal data. As this regulation applies also to those that offer products or services in the EU, major websites have begun updating their privacy policies to comply. Doing so is important for a number of reasons.
Adv. Anat Even-Chen
On June 1, 2018, another central part of the regulatory reforms under the Control of Financial Services Law (Regulated Financial Services) will come in effect. This part addresses the activities of financial asset service providers.
Adv. Yuval Lazi
May 7, 2018 / by Yuval Lazi
Tread Carefully
The GDPR craze has left everyone trying to tick off all the boxes in terms of regulatory compliance, while little attention is given to addressing: what happens if you actually get attacked.
Adv. Dotan Baruch
Governments around the world say they are being pushed into creating regulatory frameworks to force tech giants to comply with laws. A regulatory net is closing in. And the types and effectiveness of these regulations and controls are set to evolve over the coming years.
Adv. Dotan Baruch
Net Neutrality represents the way that the internet has worked thus far. It is the principle that the internet service providers, such as Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T, cannot discriminate or charge different amounts according to users, content, platform, application, equipment used, or methods of communication.
Adv. Anat Even-Chen
It goes without saying that technological advancement has come with a slew of risks attached. This is particularly true where financial technology (fintech) is concerned. With large-scale data breaches occurring at regular intervals and with greater frequency, fintech and data privacy are being put to the test.
Adv. Yuval Lazi
If you’ve discovered that your company has been hacked, the first 48 hours are absolutely critical. Knowing how to actively marginalize further harm and eliminate cybersecurity vulnerability can be dealt with in the first 48 hours with an incident response plan.
Adv. Marie Tsion
You have decided to dismiss an employee. Here are five rules of thumb for conducting a hearing proceeding. These are designed to help you through the process, as well as to minimize the risks of lawsuits and employee demands for monetary compensation on the basis of unlawful dismissal.
Adv. Daniel Israeli
2017 was a significant year for the blockchain industry in general and for cryptocurrencies in particular. 2018 is expected to be an equally interesting year for the cryptocurrencies industry, as new trends take shape and regulation becomes even more refined. Check out some of our digital currencies predictions for the year.
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