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In a short video, Dr. Zvi Gabbay explains the crowdfunding model, which has become an attractive channel for both investors and companies seeking funding, and overviews current regulation in Israel.
Adv. Eran Elharar
Facing Criminal Investigation? Why It Is Important to Consult an Attorney Beforehand 
Adv. Hadar Israeli
What is the definition of bribery in Israeli law and what are the maximum penalties for it?
Adv. Hadar Israeli
Recently, United States federal courts have been more frequently approving the extra-territorial collection of testimony for use in criminal trials to be held in the United States. While the collection of such testimony for civil proceedings held in US courts is already commonplace, until now it has been a very rare occurrence in criminal proceedings.
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Over 2000 (yes, 2000!) types of digital currencies exist today. If you are developing, mining, investing in, or using digital currencies, you should watch our video for some clarifications on the topic.
Adv. Hadar Israeli
Hoskins, a British national and former executive of Alstom SA, a French company was convicted by an American federal court of violating the Anti-Corruption and Bribery Law. This is an important red flag for any person or company conducting activity in the United States. 
Adv. Ron Shuhatovich
A private company considering an IPO should know it is a complex and long process, and one that may pose many challenges. Therefore, before deciding to undertake an initial public offering, a deep examination of the process is recommended.
Adv. Hadar Israeli
The clear advantages of inculcating an enforcement and compliance culture are expressed not only in routine times, but also in times of crisis, and they can “tip the balance” and make all the difference.
Adv. Alon Anava
Crowdfunding is by now not a new fundraising option for corporations in Israel. These seven points helps explain the ins and outs of the process and the players involved.
Adv. Michael Barnea
In 2019, Israel remains “the Start-Up Nation” and a leader of technological innovation. Thanks to its strong currency, active economy, and robust export industries, it also continues to attract noteworthy international investments.
Adv. Zvi Gabbay Lawyer in israel - Barnea Jaffa Lande.
On June, two seemingly unrelated events took place: the SEC filed suit in federal court against the company Kik Interactive and Facebook announced the expected launch of a new digital currency – the Libra. What’s the connections ?
Adv. Zvi Gabbay Lawyer in israel - Barnea Jaffa Lande.
The crowdfunding model enables the general public investment opportunities that were previously reserved only for sophisticated or institutional investors. In this article we examine the Israeli and American models and why the Israeli legislators should find ways to make the crowdfunding channel more attractive, for both investors and companies seeking funding.
Adv. Zvi Gabbay Lawyer in israel - Barnea Jaffa Lande.
For Fintech companies looking or hoping to work in Israel, the regulatory developments could either serve as an opportunity or as a barrier, and should be carefully considered. Click to read  an overview of the Israeli Fintech regulatory situation.
Adv. David Gilinsky
The presence of over 100 domestic hedge funds showcases the recent considerable growth of the industry in Israel. Here’s why hedge funds have become so popular.
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