26 July 2015
26th Jul, 2015
Micky Barnea says to Globes: "2014 Israel Gaza conflict still influences foreign investment in Israel"

Micky Barnea, Managing Partner of Barnea & Co., was interviewed last week by Globes newspaper. Micky spoke about his personal life and earlier career. He also shared his thoughts regarding Israel’s deteriorating status in the world which is keeping some foreign investors and businesses away from Israel.

14 July 2015
14th Jul, 2015
Housing cabinet approves subsidized housing program

The housing cabinet, headed by Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, confirmed yesterday a long series of decisions made by the cabinet, relating primarily to relief on property prices.
The Financial magazine, Globes, published comments by certain real estate experts regarding these measures. One of the experts, Maya Zisser, a partner in the real estate department of our firm commented that she doubted whether the promises made will be fulfilled.  

12 July 2015
12th Jul, 2015
How to sprinkle star dust of the high-tech industry on the TASE?

The Israeli corporate governance rules discourage technology companies from listing on the TASE. However, with some simple steps this all can be changed.
Israel's position as the Startup Nation is reflected in the fact that multiple local technology companies are listed on the US and London Stock Exchanges. However, the TASE has never managed to make itself an attractive  target for Israeli high-tech companies. Thus, while many technology companies today prefer the purchase option of an initial public offering, such companies seeking to issue shares do not regard the TASE as an attractive or even relevant option. They prefer to turn to international exchanges. Article by Micky Barnea

5 July 2015
5th Jul, 2015
Banking & Finance 2015

Corporate Live Wire held a Banking & Finance Roundtable with experts from around the world, including Simon Jaffa. The international ​ experts examined the recent regulatory changes and developments in each expert's respective jurisdiction. 


30 June 2015
30th Jun, 2015
New Requirements Increase Risks for Directors

Does the new summary report which was published by the  Israel Securities Authority on the subjects of dividend distributions and buy-backs of shares, place high barriers to the ability of boards of directors to pass future resolutions? adv. Rafi Kriman. 

28 June 2015
28th Jun, 2015
Could Plus500’s Anti Money Laundering problems prejudice future Listings by Online Trading Companies?

On 18 May 2015, Plus500 , an AIM listed company, announced that the UK Financial Conduct Authority had demanded a review of its Anti-Money Laundering financial sanction systems and other related regulatory controls. Plus500UK Limited was obliged to suspend all transactions for existing customers until additional AML procedures have been implemented. Not surprisingly, the share price of Plus500 dropped dramatically. Globes, a leading Israeli newspaper, published an article, including interviews with experts in the field of company listings in London, analyzing what happened to the successful online securities trading company. As an expert in IPO’s in Israel and London, Micky Barnea stated that: The Plus500 matter would make it difficult for other Israeli companies in the industry to list on the stock exchange, even though AIM is the friendliest Stock Exchange for this industry.

25 June 2015
25th Jun, 2015
Employment of youths in the summer vacation

As an expert in Labor law, Marie Tsion was interviewed in the economic section of "Yedioth Ahronot" regarding the employment of youths in the summer vacation. Marie elaborated on the relevant requirements for an employer who decides to hire youths.

23 June 2015
23rd Jun, 2015
new affidavit supports Tisch's WhiteWater claim

Globes has revealed an affidavit by Dror Picard which is part of the dispute between the shareholders of Whitewater Water Technologies, which is in receivership with creditors owed about NIS 19 million.
In the affidavit, Mr. Dror Picard states that Hana Gertler admitted that Uri Yogev had deceived her as well, thereby inducing her to invest in Whitewater.  
The claimant in the action, Benny Tisch, is represented by Barnea & Co. Tisch is claiming that Whitewater and Yogev made false representations and acted fraudulently, causing him to invest millions in Whitewater Holdings.