28 May 2015
28th May, 2015
Exclusive Q&A On Banking & Finance With Simon Jaffa

As an Israeli expert in Banking & Finance, Adv. Simon Jaffa participated in a Q&A by the leading CorporateLivewire website.  Simon reviewed the recent regulatory changes in the area, key trends expected to be seen over the coming year.

27 May 2015
27th May, 2015
Barnea & Co. represents TDT Specialist SRL

Eli Reifman, former CEO of Emblaze, and managers at MCE Systems are being sued by a Romanian company,TDT Specialist SRL, for 63 NIS million. TDT is represented by Adv. Zohar Lande, Adv. Ronit offir and Adv. Gal Livshits.  

21 May 2015
21st May, 2015
Barnea & Co. hosted a delegation from Peru

As part of our collaboration with Startau, Tel Aviv University's Entrepreneurship Center, our firm hosted today a student delegation from Peru. The event included lectures by Adv. Micky Barnea, managing partner and by Lior Weizman, Eco System development Manager Cloud, Start ups and Academia, From IBM.

14 May 2015
14th May, 2015
Is the online financial trading industry part of Israeli high-tech?

Micky Barnea, Managing Partner and Head of the Technology department published an article in the IVC annual high-tech book. In the article, Micky asserts that although online financial trading is focused on financial tools, the ability to innovate is a key ingredient in the success of online financial trading companies. As such, they should be treated as high-tech companies.

7 May 2015
7th May, 2015
Top FX figures meet venture capital firms in Tel Aviv: Is the age of funding here?

Senior industry figures from a host of FX companies met top venture capital investors in Tel Aviv, Israel today at the conference hosted by Barnea & Co. and the IVC. 

3 May 2015
3rd May, 2015
The birthday of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Barnea & Co. was pleased to be one of the sponsors of and to participate in the British Embassy’s party to honor the Queen’s birthday. The British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, and his wife, Celia, hosted 1000 guests at the Ariel Sharon Park Recycling Mountain. The event was focused on UK/Israel collaboration in technology, with a showcase of Israeli innovation, in partnersip with the UK.

30 April 2015
30th Apr, 2015
Joint interview – Micky Barnea and IVC CEO - Mr Koby Simana

Mickey Barnea, managing partner of Barnea & Co., and Koby Simana, CEO of IVC Online, in a joint interview focused on the area of financial trading platforms. In the interview Micky discusses the effects of the new Israeli regulations pertaining to the activities of trading platforms. These regulations will come into effect on May 26, 2015. 

28 April 2015
28th Apr, 2015
"Voluntary retirement plans": what the employee needs to know

Last week Teva and Cellcom announced voluntary retirement plans for certain employees.  Teva offers early retirement to 200 employees. The plan includes a retirement package on particularly beneficial terms, markedly higher than what prevails in the market.  Cellcom offers  every employee with 30 months or more of seniority the possibility to terminate his work at the group, with a substantial economic parachute in the form of especially generous retirement terms.