17 February 2015
17th Feb, 2015
A hi tech attraction/ Israel special report

Despite the conflict in  Gaza, 2014 was an extremely busy year for Israeli Hitech M&A transactions. 
Israeli technology companies were listed via IPO’S,  thereby realizing  $ 2.3 billion, which made 2014 one of the strongest exit periods in the past decade. 
Several partners at leading law firms, including Simon Jaffa, were interviewed by "The Lawyer" to review last year’s results and discuss the technology market 

4 February 2015
4th Feb, 2015
Dispute between Israeli company and Royal Jordanian Airlines erupts over package tours for Israeli Arabs to Saudi Arabia via Jordan

Milad Aviation Ltd., an Israeli company, is claiming that Royal Jordanian Airlines negotiated in bad faith for many years, delaying the conclusion of a written agreement, and then hijacked the whole venture for themselves. Milad Aviation Ltd, represented by Adv. Zohar Lande, threatens lawsuit of NIS 20 million against Royal Jordanian Airlines .

1 February 2015
1st Feb, 2015
Round Table: Director responsibility in today’s era

 Due to the many regulations, legal advisors and statements of claims, the directors of public companies do not know if it's their job  to manage or supervise. Micky Barnea, a renowned figure in this field, was invited to be a member of a panel of experts to discuss the responsibility of the Board of Directors in the new era.   

29 January 2015
29th Jan, 2015
Mergers & Acquisition 2015 - Virtual Round Table

Corporate Live Wire held a Mergers & Acquisition Roundtable with five experts from around the world, including Simon Jaffa.
The international Mergers & Acquisition experts examined the latest changes and developments in each expert's respective jurisdiction. 
The mergers & acquisition roundtable  provides in depth analysis of the latest trends in the M&A arena. This included topics such as the main risks and challenges facing cross-border activity, tax implications and the strength of technology-based investment in Israel. 

27 January 2015
27th Jan, 2015
The Implications of violating Facebook’s terms and conditions

Following Globes exposure that "Statusim Metzayitzim" (Tweeting Statuses in Hebrew), one of the most popular pages in Israel, with 718,000 followers, offers to post updates for payment, Facebook decided to suspend the page permanently. Dr. Dotan Baruch, discusses the importance of upholding the terms and conditions of third party platforms such as Facebook, where they are used by businesses for generating income. 

13 January 2015
13th Jan, 2015
​Marie Tsion will lecture at the Upper Galilee Human Resources Managers Forum

On  12 February 2015, Marie Tsion, head of employment law, will participate in the HR Managers Forum of the northern region. The forum includes CEO’s and HR managers of leading companies and meets once a month at the Upper Galilee Regional Council.

13 January 2015
13th Jan, 2015
Whitewater Holdings must pay 127 000 NIS to its former Vice President, Aviad Caspi

The Magistrate's Court in Tel Aviv accepted the claim of "Mika Benroy", a company  owned by Mr. Aviad Caspi, a former business development vice president of Whitewater Holdings. Caspi is also the  son in law of businessman, Edwin (Benny) Tish. Caspi submitted the claim  against  Whitewater Holdings, of which Uri Yogev is the founder and former Chairman of its Board of Directors .
The Magistrate's Court decided that Whitewater must pay an amount of approximately 127 000 NIS to "Mika Benroy" (Caspi’s company) for services given to Whitewater Holdings, for which no consideration had been paid.
The suit was filed by Adv. Zohar Lande, Adv. Shai Sharvit and Adv. Itay Wigoda from Barnea & Co.

12 January 2015
12th Jan, 2015
Israel advances banking transparency while U.S remains opaque

Tax Analysts publish an article by Henriette Fuchs, head Tax Department Barnea & Co, noting that as Israeli banks increase transparency and settle accounts with the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. itself ironically may be one of the last bastions of non-transparency. For the full article please see link to Tax Analysts Daily Tax News Service