23 September 2014
23rd Sep, 2014
BreezoMeter won the StartUp Open Israel competition

The Israeli winner of the competition, BreezoMeter, was invented to make air pollution visible. Using real time big data analysis BreezoMeter presents air quality information at street level resolution. BreezoMeter ran in the finals in front of six other companies, and will automatically enter the list of the World's Top 50 Most Promising Startups, also known as the GEW50. 



18 September 2014
18th Sep, 2014
The law for the Encouragement of Capital Investment- New Amendment is expected

Since its enactment in 1959, the law for the Encouragement of Capital Investment is one of the most significant and meaningful means for the growth and development of the Israeli economy and its industry.

10 September 2014
10th Sep, 2014
Ms. Hana Gertler (Co-founder of Whitewater) will testify in the “Whitewater Holdings” trial

Further to the request of the Canadian businessman, Mr. Edwin (Benni) Tisch, businesswoman Hanna Gertler will testify in the Whitewater trial, in accordance with the decision of Justice Ruth Ronen, of the Economic Department of the District Court in Tel Aviv. 


9 September 2014
9th Sep, 2014
Ezra Katzen spoke at a seminar on Equity Based Plans

The seminar, organized by ESOP-Excellence and Startau, included in depth lectures on employee options plans. Ezra lectured on practical problems in administering options plans based on his many years of experience as general counsel to technology companies.

7 September 2014
7th Sep, 2014
StartUp Open- Final event

 Start up open final event will take place on September 22nd , 2014 in Jerusalem.  This competition provided start-ups, in their early stages, a chance to develop their ideas and present them to entrepreneurs and judges. 

4 September 2014
4th Sep, 2014
Adv. Henriette Fuchs to participate in a roundtable on the merits of a Unitary Tax System

Henriette shall present the view of Business & Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) in a discussion as to the merits and cons of the introduction of a “Unitary Tax” on September 16, 2014, 10:00 - 12:00 AM, College of Law & Business, Ramat Gan, Israel.


2 September 2014
2nd Sep, 2014
The European Lawyer Reference is finalizing the 1st edition of “Transfer Pricing & Tax Avoidance – Jurisdictional Comparisons"

The Israel Chapter of the book “Transfer Pricing & Tax Avoidance” has been written by Barnea & Co.’s partner, who also manages the firms’  tax department, Adv. Henriette Fuchs. The chapter provides an in-depth overview of Israel’s fast developing anti-abuse and transfer pricing(Professional) UK.

28 August 2014
28th Aug, 2014
Israel and the Republic of Germany sign a new tax treaty

On August 21 the Ministers of Finance of Germany and Israel signed the revised tax treaty. The new treaty should further facilitate bilateral investment. Once the treaty is ratified by both countries, by the end of 2014, it is expected to be effective as per 1 January 2015.