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Shachar Rothschild
Adv. Shachar Parnes

Electra City Tower
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Tel Aviv

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Shachar Rothschild

Shachar specializes in representing local and foreign corporations and individuals in complex litigation involving commercial and corporate law.

Shachar advises and represents the firm’s clients in local and international commercial disputes before the various courts and judicial proceedings, including arbitration and mediation.


Shachar’s legal skills and expertise also encompass shareholder disputes, corporate proxy fights, contract disputes, securities laws, slander claims and more.


College of Management Academic Studies, (BA in economics, LL.B) , 2014


Member of Israel Bar Association since 2015

News and updates - Shachar Rothschild:

November 28, 2018

Barnea Represented a Chinese Company in Litigation Related to the Highway 16 Tender

Barnea is representing the Chinese infrastructure company PMEC in its request to disqualify the winning bid in the tender for Highway 16. The company is being represented by Advs. Zohar Lande, Eyal Nachshon, and Shachar Rothschild from the Litigation Department.


October 14, 2016

After 9 Years of Litigation, David's Geller Claim Against Yitzchak Omer, Who Was Represented by Barnea & Co., Was Dismissed.

As previously published, Geller had filed a lawsuit alleging fraud in the amount of nearly NIS 70 million. Even though the main claim for fraud was dismissed, the District Court obliged Omer to pay millions of NIS to Geller deciding that they were granted to Omer as a loan.

Geller and Omer both appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court denied Geller's appeal entirely, accepted Omer's appeal and returned the case to the District Court.

This week, the District Court dismissed the action entirely and accepted Omer's argument that the funds were transferred to him as part of a share purchase transaction. The Court ruled that under these circumstances, Omer does not need to reimburse the funds or to transfer any shares.

May 29, 2016

Barnea & Co. Represents Hanan Mor Group

Barnea & Co. represents Hanan Mor Group, a public traded company, and other companies of the Hanan Mor Group, in a lawsuit filed against them by the contractor relating to a number of real-estate projects.  The contractor claimed damages and requested an order to prevent the forfeiture of bank guarantees. The court rejected the contractor 's request. The court also accepted in full the arguments raised by Barnea & Co. and criticized the conduct of the other party, pointing out that the version of the other side "raises questions". The court awarded Hanan Mor Group fees and costs in the amount of NIS 12,000.The Hanan Mor Group is represented by Adv. Zohar Lande, Adv. Itay Wigoda and Adv. Shachar Parnes from the Litigation Department at Barnea & Co.

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