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Asaf Shalev

Asaf Shalev

Asaf provides legal counsel to various corporations, private investors and entrepreneurs with respect to corporate and commercial law, including finance transactions, capital raising, investments, mergers and acquisitions, incorporation and a wide variety of commercial transactions, as well as day-to-day corporate matters. 

Asaf’s extensive experience and knowledge allow him to provide legal opinions and to formulate commercial agreements in various fields such as founders agreements, cooperative agreements, service agreements, distribution agreements, franchise agreements, sales, manufacturing and supply agreements, loan and securities agreements, R&D agreements, and more.


Asaf has considerable experience in the field of non-profit organizations (associations, public benefit companies), and provides counseling for especially large non-profit organizations with substantial financial budgets, as well as smaller non-profit organizations traditionally belonging to the third sector in the field of education, community, welfare, culture and more, including counseling of the management of such organizations in their day-to day actions and activities in the specific framework of which they operate.


Asaf offers counsel prior to the actual establishment stage of such non-profit organizations in order to obtain the desired operation by the client and thereafter draft the specific charter documents required for such entities, including assistance with respect to the procedures that will ensure the granting of certification of proper management and certification of a public institution with regard to contributions according to the tax law.


Asaf advises employers in all matters related to labor law, including employment contracts, employee compensation plans, agreements with subcontractors and confidentiality and non-competition arrangements.


Asaf also has experience in guiding and advising clients from the private sector in the field of environmental law enabling them to deal effectively with compliance, regulatory and liability issues, including preparing legal opinions, handling in matters of water pollution, ground pollution, waste water, waste electrical and electronic equipment, recycling, business licensing, and more.


University of Haifa - LL.B., BA (Asian Studies); 2007


Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2008

News and updates - Asaf Shalev:

January 16, 2018

Increasing Competition and Reducing Inequality between Israeli and Foreign E-Commerce Websites

Online shopping websites not owned by Israelis, or whose owners have no registered representation in Israel (even if the website is offered in Hebrew), tend to enjoy a significant advantage over Israeli-owned websites. Namely, these foreign-owned websites operate according to the perception that they are not subject to the provisions of the Israeli Consumer Protection Law.

December 18, 2017

Adv. Asaf Shalev Interviewed about Telemarketing Restrictions

Adv. Asaf Shalev of Barnea & Co. was interviewed by the Nymity website following the Ministry of Economy and Industry's recently published draft bill placing restrictions on telemarketing.

November 23, 2017

Should a non-profit organization be allowed to invest funds in financial assets?

The issue of an NPO’s investments of unappropriated funds (funds that are not immediately needed within the scope of its activities or for the purpose of advancing its objectives, whether on a short-term or on a longer-term basis) is not regulated within the scope of the Non-Profit Organizations Law or the Income Tax Ordinance. Asaf Shalev contributed an article to Globes in regard to this matter. (In Hebrew)

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