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Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in the enforcement of accessibility issues in Israel. More and more companies are facing requests for certification of class action suits for failing to make services accessible to people with disabilities. Such proceedings, exempt from court fees, are initiated by lead plaintiffs against big and small organizations, from both the private and public sectors.
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The global effort to fight the spread of coronavirus has prompted new privacy related questions around the world. Much has been written for and against the use of privacy-compromising measures to protect public health. Therefore, we have chosen to concentrate on the practical implications of privacy principles on companies and businesses.
Categories: Corporate | Internet | Privacy Law | Regulation
Earlier this year, Google updated its Google Ads policy on gambling and games and announced that, as part of a limited beta launch, state-licensed gambling advertisers would be permitted to promote sports betting content within the US states New Jersey, Nevada, and West Virginia.
Categories: Gaming | Internet
In October 2019, Israel's Attorney General published a detailed guideline document addressed to the legal counsels of various government ministries.
Categories: Internet | Regulation | Technology
The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (in California) recently held that the scraping of data from public websites without any prior consent is lawful, even if it contradicts the provisions of a website's terms of use.
Categories: Internet | Privacy Law | Regulation
The Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) recently imposed a EUR 150,000 fine on the international consulting firm PwC for its violations of the new European data protection regulations (the General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR).
Categories: Employment | Internet | Privacy Law | Privacy Law
July 2019 brought an escalation in the enforcement of privacy infringements by companies around the world. These events underscore the trend that began with the GDPR taking effect and should lead any business entity coming across personal information.
Categories: Internet | Privacy Law | Privacy Law
Eight months after the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations came into force, the French regulator issued Google a EUR 50 million fine, the highest fine issued so far under the GDPR.
Categories: Internet | Privacy Law
A recently promulgated memorandum of law to amend judicial procedures proposes to add the possibility of filing claims against foreign entities in Israel for damage they caused in Israel as a result of acts or omissions performed outside of Israel.
Categories: Corporate Litigation | E-commerce | Internet | Litigation
Israel's Supreme Court has handed down a precedent ruling whereby a legal dispute between a social network and its Israeli users will be adjudicated in the court in Israel, notwithstanding the fact that the social network's terms of use contain a jurisdiction stipulation vesting sole jurisdiction to the court in California.
Categories: Internet
Online shopping websites not owned by Israelis, or whose owners have no registered representation in Israel (even if the website is offered in Hebrew), tend to enjoy a significant advantage over Israeli-owned websites. Namely, these foreign-owned websites operate according to the perception that they are not subject to the provisions of the Israeli Consumer Protection Law.
Categories: Consumer Protection | E-commerce | Internet | Regulation
An Israeli district court rejected an appeal lodged by a person who was involved in providing pre-paid cards used for the purpose of wagering with online gambling websites. The court ruled that such activity amounts to aiding and abetting illegal online gambling activities, as well as contravenes the Israeli Anti-Money Laundering Act.
Categories: Internet
The Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee recently approved a comprehensive revision of Regulation 35 of the Accessibility to Online Services Regulations under the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Regulations (Service Accessibility Adjustments), 2013.
Categories: Internet | Regulation
The Israeli parliament has enacted new legislation that will authorize Israeli courts to issue orders that block, inter alia, online gambling website.
Categories: Internet | Regulation
Apple is set to introduce a new feature in the Safari browser that will significantly reduce advertisers' ability to collect and use personal data. The new feature, called Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), imposes a 24-hour time limit on third party tracking cookies and a 30-day time limit on first party cookies.
Categories: Consumer Protection | Internet | Privacy Law
The New York Circuit Court of Appeals ruled recently that when a new user confirms the “terms of service” and “privacy policy” on an application’s registration screen, even without perusing the legal documents provided through these links, such approval suffices to raise the user’s legal engagement with the company to the standing of a binding contract.
Categories: Consumer Protection | Internet | Privacy Law
The Spanish Data Protection Authority slapped Facebook with a USD 1.4 million fine over three instances in which Facebook collected information on ideology, sex, religious beliefs, personal tastes, and browser history without properly notifying users what such information was being obtained for.
Categories: Consumer Protection | Internet | Privacy Law | Regulation
Recently, the Israeli Attorney General, in a legal opinion filed with the Israeli Supreme Court as part of an appeal filed by Facebook, opined that foreign companies (specifically those that do business via the internet) may not escape Israeli court jurisdiction even if the terms and conditions posted on their website state otherwise.
Categories: Consumer Protection | Internet | Regulation
On June 2017, the government of Israel approved a draft bill to amend the Securities Law that is intended to tip the scales in the battle being waged in the financial trading sector over binary options.
Categories: Internet | Online Financial Trading
Within the scope of a new directive published recently by the database registrar at the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority, entities, such as service-providers, that retain recordings of telephone conversations or chat correspondence with their customers will be forced to enable their customers (the subjects of the information) to also access information of this type. This according to the right of access prescribed in the Privacy Protection Law and the regulations instituted by virtue thereof.
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