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Together is powerful

Together is powerful

The National Committee for Planning and Construction for Areas Prioritized for Residences Approves Urban Renewal Plan

The National Committed decided, for the first time, to submit an urban renewal plan for the residential neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe in Rehovot. The plan includes the construction of 9,500 residential units, in place of the 1,300 units currently existing in the neighborhood. The plan also includes the improvement and expansion of infrastructure, and the upgrading of the old industrial zone, common areas, and the train station.


Out of the total area allocated for the plan, about 250 dunams constitute “supplemental land” – land allocated to developers, planning bodies, and the authorities in order to populate vacated apartments and then demolish old buildings and construct new ones in their place.


All the lots within the plan were designed in a manner that allows their development regardless and independently of the progress in other lots. The design also enables the neighborhood as a whole to consist of mixed uses, including business and commerce.


In addition, out of the total number of residential units, about 1,600 will be allocated to constructing small apartments for students attending the city’s academic institutions, among them the Weitzman Institute.


The Minister of Construction and Housing, Major General (Res.) Yo’av Galant, welcomed the approval of the flagship plan of the Ministry of Construction and Housing’s Urban Renewal Authority, as did the mayor of Rehovot and the chairman of the Urban Renewal Authority.

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