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Together is powerful

Together is powerful

Israel’s Construction and Infrastructure Sector Recognized as an Essential Field

On March 22, 2020, emergency regulations were published in Israel on limiting market activity for the purposes of managing the spread of the coronavirus.


The regulations set limits on the number of employees permitted at a workplace. Businesses may now operate with up to 30% of their total employees or up to 10 employees (whichever is higher). An employer that allows entry into or presence at a workplace beyond the maximum number of employees permitted at one time may be subject to a fine or imprisonment.


Alongside the restrictions, several sectors considered essential to the market were declared exempt, including the construction and infrastructure sector. The regulations stipulate that a workplace in the construction and infrastructure sector may work at 100% capacity. (This exemption applies to sites that are not enclosed, i.e. where windows and doors have yet to be installed.)


Along with the construction and infrastructure sector, activities that support that industry were also declared exempt, such as mining, excavation, production of construction material, lifting and transportation equipment, construction management and supervision services, and surveying services.


In workplaces where employees may be employed beyond the limit set in the regulations, the number of employees should still be reduced as much as possible, so as to ensure only essential activity.

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