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Together is powerful

Together is powerful

City of Givatayim to Freeze All Future TAMA 38 Projects in East Givatayim for Two Years

Givatayim intends to transform the city’s east with a series of “Pinui-Binui” projects to be built along Ben-Gurion Street on the city lines between Givatayim and Ramat Gan.


The plan will include the granting of maximum building rights for the construction of residential buildings up to 32 stories high, along with a commercial façade on the ground level. The plan also includes massive expropriation of residential areas for the purpose of erecting public buildings.


In order to advance the plan, the Tel Aviv District Committee for Planning and Construction approved Givatayim’s request to prohibit the issuance of permits for TAMA 38 in the same area for a period of two years. This will allow the city to advance the overall plan without the obstruction of private developers promoting other plans.


The decision to freeze TAMA 38 on Ben-Gurion Street and the surrounding area joins a decision made by the Local Committee earlier in the month as to the policy of issuing building permits for TAMA 38 projects around the city. This policy still requires approval by the District Committee, but to the extent it is ultimately approved, a large number of projects based on current planning will not be executed.


Additionally, a significant change in the new city policy concerning TAMA 38 is the proportion of existing units in the building to the number of units that may be added within the project. According to data, until 2017, the proportion of units in “Pinui-Binui” projects was 1:3. Givatayim’s current recommendation establishes the proportion between the units in a demolished building to new units at 2:3.

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