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Eldar Adato

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Eldar Adato

Eldar is the head of our firm’s Real Estate Department and an expert in the areas of construction and planning laws and real estate taxation.

Eldar has rich and varied legal experience in the real estate sector. He represents companies, public entities, entrepreneurs, and contractors in real estate and construction and planning projects, and accompanies them throughout these different projects. Eldar is involved in all stages of the preparation and launch of a project, beginning with the planning stage, then project funding and marketing, through to securing all permits and approvals.


Eldar also represents public and private companies, entrepreneurs, contractors, and residents in urban renewal projects (“vacating and constructing” and “NOP 38”). In this capacity, Eldar provides legal advice for the duration and length of the process and project. This extends from the early exploration steps to negotiations between the entrepreneur and contractor and residents, reporting to tax authorities, planning and construction committee hearings, issuance of permits, banking consultation, and delivery of apartments to owners and registration of their rights.


Eldar is an expert in eminent domain procedures and has been greatly successful in petitions for compensation for the expropriation of lands. He even succeeded in changing legislation dating back to British rule before a panel of seven judges on the Supreme Court. He has won countless suits and judgments that have created legal precedents.


Eldar consults and lectures for different forums, and he hosts the show “Real Estate Time” on the Reshet Channel (13). In addition, he is invited as a permanent consultant to Israeli Knesset planning committees.


The University of London, England, LL.B. 1995


Member of the Israel Bar Association, 1996

News and updates - Eldar Adato:

September 4, 2019

An Additional Barrier in Performing TAMA 38 Projects

In a precedential ruling, the Tel Aviv District Appeals Committee affirmed the Regional Planning and Construction Committee’s decision that in cases in which a new zoning plan provides more rights than those set in the TAMA 38 provisions, the consent of all residents is required.

July 23, 2019

Interview with Eldar Adato about Purchasing Groups

Eldar Adato was interviewed by TheMarker following publication that a group of apartment purchasers in the exclusive Blue project submitted a claim against Canada Israel. Eldar explained more about purchasing groups and noted that "those who join purchasing groups become entrepreneurs together with the other group members and, as a result, are dependent on the management of the group. The group members have no final price for the apartment, there is no final date for occupancy, and there are no guarantees for the money that they pay. It is important to remember that despite the possibility of large savings in the value of the future apartment, which sometimes reaches 20%, there are many projects managed incorrectly and that sometimes even cost the group more money than they would pay if they were buying an apartment directly from a contractor."

July 7, 2019

Building Removed from Pinui-Binui Plan Due to Residents' Objection

Adv. Eldar Adato was interviewed by Globes about a pinui-binui project in Kiryat Yovel, Jerusalem. Eldar is advising some of the residents in this project. Residents of the middle building objected to the plan before the Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee, which eventually decided to exclude this particular building from the project. Eldar says this decision proves that it is possible to make flexible plans and exclude buildings with objections while still otherwise approving pinui-binui plans.

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