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Nanny Balas
Adv. Balas Nanny

Electra City Tower
58 Harekevet St.
Tel Aviv

Nanny Balas

Nanny, an attorney with five years’ experience, specializes in corporate law and in the provision of advice in commercial law matters, including negotiations, the preparation and management of various legal agreements and due diligence proceedings.

Nanny provides legal assistance and advice to Amiad, an Israeli public company traded on the AIM, as the corporate secretary and in-house legal counsel. Nanny’s ongoing assistance to the Company in relation to its global commercial operations includes the provision of legal counseling in relation to various commercial agreements, such as founders’ agreements, cooperation agreements, service, distribution, production, sale and supply agreements, loan and collateral agreements, research and development agreements, etc.


Haifa University (LL.B, B.A Economics), 2008


Member of Israel Bar Association since 2009

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