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Together is powerful

About us

70% of our legal work has an international dimension, either overseas clients coming to do business in Israel or Israeli clients doing business overseas.

This has not happened by accident but because we understand what it takes to help a client succeed in new and unfamiliar surroundings.

This is more than just an expert knowledge of the law but our ability to provide a feeling of absolute re-assurance in the face of different laws, different languages and often different business culture.


We do this by consciously striving to be more attuned to our clients’ needs. We are international in our mindset. We think beyond borders. Our office in Tel Aviv is the hub for clients coming in and for those with plans heading out. We know how to bridge the culture gap. Our partners include lawyers from London, Paris, Sydney and New York.


We speak eight different languages. We are never satisfied with a routine answer. We want to understand the wider picture every legal matter sits in; the personalities, the psychology and the politics of every deal; and the chemistry behind every transaction.


Of course, no worthwhile law firm would reserve this approach for just some of its clients. We don’t.

This is how we seek to help 100% of our clients.

Barnea. Further together
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